CNN: ‘You don’t belong here’ In Poland’s ‘LGBT-free zones,’ existing is an act of defiance

You know that being an activist is time consuming. The same about speaking with media. By your support I could dedicate myself and participate in so far on of the best reportages about not only LGBT-free zones but also Polish homophobia. Thank you!

CNN: ‘You don’t belong here’ In Poland’s ‘LGBT-free zones,’ existing is an act of defiance

Kozy, Poland (CNN) — Karolina Duzniak has lived in the drowsy, tree-dotted Polish village of Kozy for 26 years. But she doesn’t feel herself until she gets into her car each morning, shuts the door and drives away.

“I prefer big cities,” she says, reflecting on her daily journey to work in nearby Bielsko-Biala, an industrial urban sprawl near the border with the Czech Republic. “I come back home and I feel bad. It’s not me.

“All the time I hide something.”

Duzniak is a confident, amicable career coach with a partner of 10 years, but she has good reason to hide one important aspect of her personality. She is gay, and gay people are not welcome in Kozy. An official document reminds them of that.

Last year, the surrounding Bielsko county — which includes Kozy and dozens of other towns and villages, but not Bielsko-Biala — passed a resolution supporting “traditional family values” and rejecting the LGBT community for “undermining the concept of a family model.”

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