About me

Bart Staszewski – LGBT+ activist

I am Bart Staszewski and I grow up in Lublin, in East Poland. I am Polish LGBT activist and documentary film director. In 2017, I produced a documentary film – Article 18. It is the most important documentary to date on the LGBT struggle for equality in Poland.

I am one of the organizers of the Equality March in Lublin, which every year meet with riots and protest from right-wing hooligans. I am also member of association „Love Does not Exclude” and one of funders of “Lublin Equality March Association“. 
My work for the LGBT community has been recognized internationally. In 2019, I was awarded the European Tolerantia Award.

I was fighting in courts in several court-trials with Polish homophobic right-wing politicians and media. My up to date most important project is photo project called „Zones” where I go to „LGBT-free zones” and make photos with my sign that is outcome of homophobic resolutions – I invites LGBT-people living there. By this project I become an enemy of Polish government. I also got few lawsuits from cities represented by alt-right wing NGO that called me for enemy of Poland and Polish people.

In 2020 I was selected to be an Obama Leader.

Obama Leaders are emerging leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing the common good. Leaders tackle a diversity of issues, but they have a lot in common—they have all driven positive change for their communities, are guided by core values, and share the Obama’s Foundation’s vision of leadership rooted in service to others.

In 2020 I was among Bloomberg Businessweek „Ones to Watch” List,  list associated with „the Bloomberg 50.”

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