Zakrzówek city prepared lawsuit against me

Warsaw, As per on-line press release, the first commune that decided to sue me for violating personal rights is Zakrzówek city. They accuse me of attributing a homophobic face to the local authorities and the municipality:

„The Zakrzówek commune welcomes everyone willingly, tourists, investors, we have no prejudices against anyone. The fact that Mr. Staszewski attributes such negative and universally condemned traits to us (by hanging a sign) is not only damaging and defamatory to the commune authorities and the inhabitants of our local community”.

That is why they decided to sue me in the Lublin district court.
It is ridiculous that councillors see nothing wrong in adopting discriminatory positions. This was confirmed by judgments of provincial courts. They also risk cutting off EU subsidies. The Zakrzówek municipality is one of the municipalities mentioned in my application to EU OLAF office, the anti-fraud commission. It is supposed to check whether the municipality did not break the law while passing a homophobic resolution and using EU funds at the same time. Instead of  sprinkling the head with ashes and withdrawing from the resolution, the councilors decided to sue the LGBT activist in court.

I have nothing to fear because the truth is on my side. On the side of the councilors, a homophobic, nonsensical resolution that harms and divides residents. Councillors are thoughtless and are guided by party interests instead of the welfare of all residents.
I will continue my project and I will go to other municipalities that declared as LGBT-free zones.

You know me and you know that I am not afraid of political pressure. I proved it more than once. I am independent and act thanks to you. I only ask for your support me!

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