For victims of state oppression in Poland, Duda’s election victory is an undeniable sign of darker times to come

As a Polish citizen and LGBT+ activist, it’s becoming increasingly important to remain vigilant under the rising climate of hate speech in my country

Andrzej Duda has won Poland’s presidential election after results released on Monday morning gave the incumbent 51.2 per cent of votes with almost all the ballots counted. His liberal challenger, Rafał Trzaskowski, the mayor of Warsaw, trailed with 48.8 per cent.

Duda’s populist campaign was built on a number of favoured policies, such as vowing to defend the generous and well-received social welfare program introduced under the Law and Justice party; pledging to improve Poland’s stability and prosperty through upholding „tradition”;and, notably, anti-LGBT+ bigotry.

Despite his victory in the Polish presidential elections however, which reportedly had the highest turnout since the fall of communism in 1989, the narrow results of yesterday’s election show at least 50 per cent of voters don’t want to live in a society based on hate. It’s time to act accordingly. Without action, homophobia and transphobia will increasingly become normalised parts of life for many people, starting with the space allotted for projects Duda announced during his election campaign.

There’s the ban on same-sex couples adopting kids; the so-called „homopropaganda” ban in public spaces mentioned in many of Duda’s public statements, an idea based on the president’s belief in protecting children from LGBT+ ideology, which he sees as harmful for young people. Both ridiculous ideas which suggests anything other than an anti-LGBT+ stance will encourage perversion, or lead to corrupting children with unsavoury ideas. The Law and Justice party together with right-wing NGOs often connect homosexuality with paedophilia and use such ideas to undermine LGBT+ rights…

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